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Entrusting your images to an external provider for your photo editing can raise many questions. In this FAQ we explain how Clip It works as well as why so many customers have put their trust in us for the last 20 years. Quality, speed, rates and safety are always at the forefront of our business. If you do not find an answer to your question on this page, do not hesitate to contact us using the form or by phone on +334 82 54 14 12.

Clip It is a French company, founded by Olivier Permezel in 1999. We specialize in the post-production of images for professionals (advertising agencies, photo studios, e-commerce, freelancers, small business and luxury businesses). Our operators are located in Cambodia and cost around 7 € / hour, while our quality control, and what we consider the art of the business, is based out of Romania.

Image clipping is a fairly simple operation however it is most definitely time consuming. Editing and retouching an image is a skill that takes graphic design experience and qualifications.

By outsourcing this post production work, you will save time on the menial, yet essential, tasks of your business, so that you can make better use of your time. It is often said that delegating 20% of one’s tasks yields 80% productivity. We believe this to be true!

The term professional image clipping is a generalized term that encompasses the isolation of the background of an image, leaving just the central product. This ranges from the simplest of images to the most complex. There are several techniques to do this, ranging from the using the pen tool (vectorial clipping), using a clipping mask, an alpha channel or a fusion mask. Our operators are experienced in each technique. As a customer you can either choose which type of clipping technique you’d like our operators to use by separating your images into organizing your images into separate folders on our customer interface, or alternatively we can choose for you.
We are able to retouch and edit all types of images. Whether your images are taken by a professional photographer, an amateur, or even on a smartphone, we will always work our hardest to ensure your images are of the highest quality to help improve your conversion rate. Our retouching includes dust erasing, glue dots, adding perspectives, smoothing creases on textiles, colour density alterations, perspective balancing and chroma keying.
In order to provide a simple and inexpensive solution for the creation of 360° animated visuals, Détour-Images engineers have developed a dedicated turntable. We have designed a photo studio kit on a 360° turntable, with integrated software so you can shoot the images yourself. With our 360° turntable you can save on cost and time because:

  • You do not need any photographic skills to take the images
  • You do no need to install any software on your computer(s), all you need is Chrome browser
  • Your images are sent directly to our server for animations, and you will receive a link to integrate directly onto your website

We have a number of offers available for our 360° Turntable. See offers

A ghosting image provides your customers with an image of the product with real volume and depth. This type of image is now considered standard across e-commerce sites. To create a ghosting image, we require an image of the garment shot on the model as well as clear image of the collar and neck.

There are several ways that you can send us your images. It can be done using platforms like Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP Server, as well as via your online customer area that we have created especially for you. If you have your own server, FTP, Webdav, RSYNC, SAP, etc., we can quickly and easily gain access to your images. Simply contact one of our developers today.

You can send your images in JPEG, PNG or TIFF format. You will receive your retouched product images in PGS, PNG, TIFF and/or PSD formats, depending on what specifications you have chosen.

Of course! Data confidentiality and security is of our utmost priority here at Détour-Images. Our network administrators ensure high levels of security at all times. We store you images for a period of 30 days after which all your images will be deleted from ou server unless you have requested otherwise.

At Clip It we ensure complete transparency. You can choose the operations and the services that you would like to use and for what marketplace(s) all on our client interface. All rates are calculated online based off your request.

We always deliver work on time, as here at Clip It we believe punctuality is vital for our accountability. It does of course depend on how many images you have submitted and on the difficulty of the images how long it will take to deliver. You can check the status of your requests on our client interface as well as raise requests for emergency images which can be billed for outside of the contracted rates.

In our client interface you can are able to select exactly what services you would like to use, including choosing operations to providing image samples. Our client interface is easy to use, however should you require extra or special orders you can contact our experts directly.

But of course! Simply create an account and start you free trial. You can edit up to 3 images.

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Our e-commerce and print experts are able to process your images according to the graphic charts and requirements set by all marketplaces, including Google, eBay, Rukuten, ASOS, etc. If you have a specific graphic chart please provide us will all the details so we can edit accordingly.

After 20 years in the business, the vast majority of e-commerce players, luxury brands and advertising agencies use our services as we are able to provide high quality, tailor-made services that exceed expectations. We are contactable via Skype 18 hours a day. At Détour-Images we never hide behind contact forms! We speak French, English and Italian. To learn more about us please visit our “Who are We” page.

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