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Services - Shadows and reflections

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Services - Shadows and reflections

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Services - Shadows and reflections

Photo with highlights

Our photo editing service includes the addition of shadows, reflections and highlights after photo clipping. This method makes it appear as if the product is placed on the ground making the product appear more realistic.

Why add shadows, highlights and reflections to my image?

When light is projected onto an object, it creates a drop shadow from a particular perspective or angle. Everything depending on the direction of the light and its distance. This is why some shadows are clearer than others or darker than others.

In addition, adding shadows or highlights and reflections adds perspective and depth to your object or product. In addition, it prevents your products from floating and making them more realistic. Therefore, this technique highlights your products. A beautiful, and professional image establishes trust between you and your customers. In short, the quality of the visuals is essential in order to generate sales.

It is the same for the reflections, which are also known as a mirror effect. It reflects the object on the ground while still keeping shapes, materials and colours. Depending on the material of the ground, the reflection may appear really accurate or less so. Our seasoned designers are able to create shadows and reflections regardless of the complexity of the object. Simple or complex, they will give life to your product.

Nous connaissons toutes les chartes graphiques imposées par les sites e-commerce ainsi que les contraintes techniques pour l’impression. Par conséquent, nous sommes en mesure d’adapter pour vous ces paramètres à vos visuels (Google, Asos, Rakuten, Amazon, Ebay…).

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Services - Shadows and reflections


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Services - Shadows and reflections
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