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Retouching a photo or removing the background from an online image becomes child’s play with Clip It. Are you an e-merchant, an image professional, a freelancer or an agency? Clip It is your solution. Test and enjoy our online clipping path services. We have designed a tool specifically for you to save you time by outsourcing your image post-production.

An online clipping path and photo editing service for professionals

In many cases e-commerce sites underestimate the importance of the image of their products. There are a few reasons as to why this may be happening: astronomical number of images to generate, the lack of time and finally the technical constraints. That’s why we provide with an easy-to-use tool. Using our especially designed client area, it is easy to clip an image, send and recover images online in record time.

Complete your important tasks! Concentrate on your priority tasks with Clip It. Need to retouch your images and remove imperfection after a photo shoot? Are you looking to optimize your images for a catalogue? We are here to help.

It is not easy as a freelancer to manage everything yourself. That’s why our goal is support small businesses with our image processing services. Our services are intended on the one hand to help you retouch, restore and clip your images online, while on the other hand help you in deciding on the technical choice of your image flow.

Big companies, especially in the luxury good sector, image quality becomes even more important. That’s why our photo editors work hard to offer high-quality services. We are committed to respecting the confidentiality of all your products.

Photo Studio / Advertising Agencies

As an industry leading, market player, we always adapt to new products (image ghostings, packshots 360°…)

As we provide online photo editing and retouching services, we can offer a tailor-made service to match your criteria:

Multilingual teams
Speed of execution and long-term reliability
Understanding your briefs
Option to fast-track image editing in up to 3 hours
Integrating your provider into your workflow
From 1000 images / year: 30% discounts
From 3000 images / month: single price without complexity control
at 0.65 € HT (offered with contractual commitment or end of year discount)

Custom quote

E-commerce merchant

Do you need to boost your online sales? Clip It provides an all-round solution

Which means:

Easily send and receive your images
A respect for your specifications and requirements
Long-lasting high-quality images
Multi-format image options
A personal project manager who handles your case
Small tips and suggestions to help you save time and money

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Small businesses / Freelancers

Do tou take your online product images using a digital camera or smartphone?

We optimize your products images using these specific tools:

Chroma keying
Removing imperfections
Shadows, highlights and reflections
Image trimming
Re-centering and image perspective
Help with technical choice of image flow

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Large Businesses / Luxury brands

The largest businesses and Luxury brands have been using our photo editing services for the last 20 years

Clip It is your preferred choice for the following reasons:

A simple solution for sending and receiving images
The guarantee of controlled work at every stage of the post-production process
A confidentiality commitment on your products (under contract)
Ultra-competitive rates
Experts at your disposal to optimize, delays and costs
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Request a personalised offer